Dr Guise works closely with her team of qualified Associates based throughout Scotland.  These Associates have been carefully selected for their approachability, professionalism and interpersonal skills, and then trained in assessing for learning difficulties.  The results of assessment tests can be used to identify dyslexia, dyscalculia (difficulties with numbers), dyspraxia (which includes co-ordination difficulties) and dysgraphia (difficulties with handwriting).


Dr Guise and all Associates working with children and adults have a full PVG Scheme Record (this is the new equivalent of Enhanced Disclosure, and is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland).


DysGuise is honoured to have the support of Company Advisor Dr Gavin Reid, renowned international expert in the area of learning difficulties.  Visit www.drgavinreid.com for more information.

“DysGuise fulfils a real need and will be welcomed by adults, employers, teachers and parents as well as students at College and University.  The strength of DysGuise lies in the carefully selected Assessors, the rigorous and thorough training programmes and the quality of leadership and vision.”

Dr Gavin Reid, Advisor to DysGuise Ltd


Associate profiles


Lauren Duncan

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Since first studying psychology at college as part of an HNC, I felt that my interest lay in additional support needs. Thus, after completing my honours degree at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, I looked for experience in this field.

For a year and a half I worked with autistic adults as an Autism Practitioner, which was a rewarding experience. Thereafter, I worked as a Developmental Therapist, and this post allowed me to expand my experience, and work with children with a variety of additional support needs, aiding them to reach their full learning potential.

The opportunity to work with DysGuise allows me to see the assessment side of working with additional support needs. This is something I have also been interested in since my sister discovered that she is dyslexic, and also since my mother wrote her dissertation during her degree in primary education, on early identification in dyslexia.

I believe in identifying the strengths and difficulties for each individual, opening doors for them in their education and profession, and enabling them to reach their own individual potential.


Laura Grant

MA in Psychology, BA (Hons) in Applied Social Sciences, postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

I have always had a passion for supporting people to realise their potential and uncover their individual strengths. I have an MA in Psychology, a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Sciences and a postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. I have graduate basis for registration with the British Psychological Society.

My initial work experience began in a primary school setting, whereby I worked first hand with children with a wide range of specific developmental needs including dyslexia and dyspraxia. I was involved in encouraging and enabling pupils to acquire appropriate and targeted degrees of independence.

More recently I have undertaken a role as a registered CogMed Coach for DysGuise. CogMed aims to assist individuals who wish to develop their working memory skills in general, or in order to have improved access to the curriculum, greater success in exams, and better functioning in the workplace. I have experience in coaching both adults and children, including clients with more complex needs such as acquired brain injuries. My main aim is to help maintain users’ motivation, and to see individuals reach their potential and celebrate successes, however small. A key part of my role is having approachability and strong interpersonal skills. My other psychological interests lie within increasing resilience and wellbeing, particularly in the workplace.